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The Global Land Cover Facility is working with the NASA Earth Science Data System Working Group (ES DSWG) on Metrics Planning and Reporting (MPAR) to develop an online tool to collect metrics for NASA sponsored projects. This tool is subject to review and approval of the Science Mission Directorate (SMD). The MPAR WG is one of several data system working groups initiated by the ESE per recommendation by the Strategic Evolution of the ESE Data Systems (SEEDS) study.

The purpose of having this tool and collecting metrics is to help NASA monitor the progress of the awardees, and to assist the NASA sponsored projects themselves in presenting a standard approach to their internal management and external affairs. The metrics shown here are based upon the list found in Attachment A in the cooperative agreements between NASA and the REASoN projects.

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For further comparison purposes, the NASA sponsored ESIPs were required to collect metrics using two tools; the questions they contained are listed here:

For further information about the programs listed here:

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