Hard Media Orders

All Landsat Global Land Survey (GLS) collections are available by individual scene for free via FTP at http://glovis.usgs.gov or at the GLCF. To get the entire collection at once, however, the GLCF has made it possible to order whole epochs on hard media - external hard drives. Therefore, the choices are to acquire the collection by individual scene for free via FTP or by entire epoch for a fee via hard media order.


Customers are asked to fill out the form below. This will be sent to a GLCF customer service handler who will contact the sender regarding questions, comments, payment and shipping. Also, an email will be sent to confirm reception of the order.

GLS Pricing

Pricing for whole, compressed copies of the Landsat GLS collections onto hard drives are:

Epoch Size # of scenes Total $ price Coverage
GLS 2005 1.64TB* 8651* 4800 Map
GLS 2000 2.18TB 8756 4800 Map, List
GLS 1990 975GB* 7375* 1580 Map, List
GLS 1975 250GB* 7525* 800 Map
DEMs 250GB* 8727* 800

* Sizes are subject to change, depending on 'final' versions from USGS. 1975 and DEM collections are estimates based upon GeoCover. The GLCF shall endeavor to provide complete collections.


  • Only whole copies by epoch are available at this time - no subsets.
  • Customers own the hard drives upon delivery. GLCF cannot facilitate customers providing their own hard drives.
  • Price does not include shipping costs.
  • Prices include media, copying, and handling. All prices are in US dollars.
  • Credit cards or checks are accepted for payment.
  • Orders are only prepared once payment is received and processed. After payment is received it will take approximately two weeks to fill the order, depending on the queue.
  • All orders go into a queue; and will be completed as soon as possible.
  • All scenes include all bands, and all ancillary information.
  • All sales include whatever is available at the time of shipping. If updates or replacements are made available to GLCF after shipping, the user will be informed but may have to make new arrangements for any replacements.


Shipping, customs/duties and insurance must be arranged by the customer. The GLCF will coordinate these processes with FedEx or other vendors if the customer provides account information. The GLCF will provide packaging per FedEx specifications. Customers are encouraged to insure their packages when shipping.

Other Hard Media Orders

Anyone interested in hard media pricing for ASTER, MODIS, AVHRR or any GLCF derived products should contact the GLCF Data Manager. Please specify as much information as possible, including sensor/product, dates, locations and media of choice, on the order form below.

GLS orders will not be available until complete copies are ingested at the GLCF. This notice will change as soon as at least one epoch becomes available. At that time the order form will be turned on. Thank you for your patience - we are working as quickly as possible.

Order Form

Please complete the form below to place an order on hard media, then click "Enter" to engage the order. An email will be sent to confirm the order.

* Product: Please check at least one, or as many more as needed

GLS 1975
GLS 1990
GLS 2000
GLS 2005

* Name:
* Email:
*Shipping Address:
Additional Order Information: Comments, non-GLS products, phone number if preferred over email

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