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Hurricane Rita

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This is a special collection of GLCF and NASA-derived data for areas affected by Hurricane Rita, which hit coastal Texas and Louisiana on September 24, 2005.

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Rita Collection

NED DEMs 1/3 arcsec
This elevation map is based on the DEMs 1/3 arcsec resolution (+/- 10m), provided by the National Elevation Data (NED) at the USGS. The Port Arthur lowlands area was in the path of Hurricane Rita as it came ashore and moved inland.

Mosaic of Landsat ETM+ Scenes
The GeoTIFF product were created using six Landsat scenes:
Path 22, Row 39, 09-17-2000
Path 22, Row 40, 01-10-1999
Path 23, Row 39, 09-22-1999
Path 24, Row 39, 08-30-2000
Path 25, Row 39, 06-10-1999
Path 25, Row 40, 06-10-1999

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For Landsat scenes, MODIS composition and SRTM layer please follow credit protocols listed on their pages.


Source for this data set is the Global Land Cover Facility, www.landcover.org.

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