GLCF Data Policy

Mission Policies

The distribution policy of the GLCF is to provide imagery and products for free whenever possible. The purpose of this policy is to enable as much use of quality Earth science datasets as possible. The only request in return is that the user acknowledge the GLCF as source of the dataset in any publication or presentation. The GLCF provides free access to all imagery and products as long as they are available for unrestricted redistribution through the USGS EROS Data Center, or are under University of Maryland copyright. Other data collections are made available through the GLCF following the policies of their creators.

Special Data Orders

Datasets are available for free from the GLCF via FTP. If, however, the user prefers access via hard media, the GLCF will provide imagery and products on either CD-ROM or hard drive. The user will be charged in this case, primarily for the media itself and minor handling and shipping charges. Please contact our Data Manager for further information.

Special Access

If a modified access to datasets is desired for education or small research center purposes, the GLCF can provide a special workspace. This may include subsets, time series, multiple users, or a variety of potential scenarios. Please contact our Data Manager for further information.

Intellectual Property Rights

Please note that Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) are connected with each imagery or product dataset and should be strictly followed for further dissemination. For more information, see each data collection's citation section at the bottom of its overview page.

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