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The NASA Landsat Pathfinder Humid Tropical Deforestation Project mapped global deforestation for the humid tropics. Data sets from both the TM (Thematic Mapper) and MSS (Multispectral Scanner System) of Landsat were used for three time periods in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. The project focused on the three regions where most of the tropical deforestation in the world has occurred - the Amazon Basin, Central Africa, and Southeast Asia. Mapping deforestation in these three regions accounts for the majority of deforestation activities in closed tropical forests worldwide. These products are country-based representations of forest cover change.

Code Values
Not all values are located within each country data set
Value Label
1 Forest
2 Deforestation
3 Revegetation
4 Water
5 Cloud
6 Shadow
7 Undifferentiated Forest
8 Degraded Forest
9 Nonforest
21 Questionable Forest
91 Gallery Forest
92 Gallery Deforestation
93 Gallery Regeneration
1xx Forest Under Cloud
999 or 0 Null or No Data
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Citation Format: Author (Publication Date), Collection Name, Image Name,Processing Level, Publisher Location, Publisher Location, Product Coverage Date.

Citation Parameters Example:

  • Author: Pathfinder Humid Tropical Deforestation Project
  • Publication Date: 1998
  • Collection Name: Amazon and Central Africa Forest Change Product
  • Product Name: {specify country, decade}
  • Version: 1.0
  • Publisher: Department of Geography, University of Maryland
  • Publisher Location: College Park, Maryland
  • Product Coverage Date: {specify decade}

Full Example Citation: Space Imaging (2000), IKONOS scene po-37836, Level Standard Geometrically Corrected, GeoEye, Dulles, Virginia, 11/30/2000.

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University of Maryland; Department of Geography and Institute for Advanced Computer Studies; use is free to all if acknowledgement is made. UMD holds ultimate copyright.


Source for this data set is the Global Land Cover Facility,

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