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Not sure exactly where to find the data you want? That's ok! Below is our available data by product type, time period available and spatial coverage.

Digital Elevation Models

Disaster Imagery

  • Earthquakes: IKONOS available for 2008 western Sichuan China earthquake area ONLY
  • Flooding: MODIS available for 2008 MidWest U.S.A and Myanmar flooding ONLY
  • Tsunamis
    • OrbView available for 2004 Tsunami areas ONLY
    • Quickbird available for 2004 Tsunami areas ONLY

Radiation & Emissivity data

  • Albedo -- useful for finding the reflectivity of the surface
    • GLASS (1981-2010) available globally
  • Broadband Emissivity (BBE) -- useful for determining energy emitted from the surface
    • GLASS (1981-2010) available globally
  • Downward Shortwave Surface Radiation (DSSR) -- used for making energy estimates
    • GLASS (2008-2010) available globally

Satellite Imagery

Vegetation data

  • Burn data -- a product for detecting past fire activity
    • AVHRR (1996-2002) available for Russia ONLY
    • MODIS (2002-2004) available globally
  • Coastal Marsh Health Index: Landsat CMHI (1994-1996) available for limited Eastern United States ONLY
  • Deforestation data -- displays changes in land cover
    • MODIS (2001-2005) available globally
  • Forest Change
  • Global primary production -- useful for biomass studies
  • Land Cover Classification -- useful for identifying changes in land cover/use
  • Leaf Area Index -- used for vegetation canopy studies
    • GLASS (1982-2012) available globally
  • Normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) -- used typically as a green vegetation indicator
    • MODIS (2001-2006) available for U.S.A and South America ONLY
  • Photosynthesis -- measurement of vegetative activity
  • Tree Cover -- useful for identifying changing landscapes and presence of trees
    • AVHRR (1992-1993) available globally and as subsets
    • Landsat (2000) available globally *NEW*
  • Vegetation Continuous Fields (VCF) -- a representation of tree cover in percent
    • MODIS (2000-2010) available globally

Water Masks -- useful in viewing satellite imagery

  • MODIS (2000) available globally
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