AVHRR Global Production Efficiency Model (GloPEM)

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The GloPEM (Global Production Efficiency Model) data set is available from 1981 to 2000 in ten-day periods or summed annual products. The data set is derived from the Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) images at an 8km resolution from the AVHRR Pathfinder Project. The objective of GloPEM research is to provide a basis for modeling and monitoring terrestrial net primary production and gross primary production at the global scale.

Code Values
Value Label
-999 Water
0 Bare
1 Min NPP
181 Max NPP
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  • Author: Prince, S., J. Small
  • Publication Date: 2003
  • Collection Name: Global Production Efficiency Model
  • Product Name: {optional, specify from file name or naming convention}
  • Version: 1.0
  • Publisher: Department of Geography, University of Maryland
  • Publisher Location: College Park, Maryland
  • Product Coverage Date: {specify from metadata or naming convention}

Full Example Citation: Prince, S., J. Small (2003) Global Production Efficiency Model, 1997_npp_latlon, Department of Geography, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, 1997.

Associated Peer-Reviewed Publication: Prince, S. D. and S. J. Goward. 1995. Global primary production: a remote sensing approach, Journal of Biogeography 22 : 316-336.

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University of Maryland; Department of Geography; use is free to all if acknowledgement is made. UMD holds ultimate copyright.


Source for this data set is the Global Land Cover Facility, www.landcover.org.

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