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The Global Land Cover Facility has received funding from a variety of government agencies, non-profit organizations and private corporations, while being sponsored by the University of Maryland.

The Global Land Cover Facility began as an Earth Science Information Partner (ESIP), as part of the NASA ESIP program (Project NCC-53000), in 1998. The GLCF continued as an ESIP through 2003.

Starting in 2004, the GLCF was next sponsored as a member of the Research, Education, and Applications Solutions Network (REASoN) program at the NASA Science Mission Directorate.

Since 2008, the GLCF has been sponsored by NASA through the Making Earth Science Data Records for Use in Research Environments (MEaSUREs). Current research goals include the generation of global 30m forest cover change data collections (NASA Earth Science Data Records). The GLCF works on MEaSUREs, LCLUC and EOS funded activities with colleagues at NASA Goddard and South Dakota State University.

As a REASoN program awardee (Project NNG04GC53A), the GLCF became a member of the Earth Science Data Systems (ESDS) program of the NASA Science Mission Directorate. In particular, GLCF is a member of the ESDS Metrics Planning Group (MPG).

Beginning as an ESIP and continuing through REASoN funding, the GLCF has been a founding member of the Federation of ESIPs.

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